Bed lining is very important when we are sleeping to give a warm feeling and protect your bed from any outside stains. Bed lining also can be a decorative item for your bed. There are many types of bed lining with tons of designs for you to choose from. You need to know the best one to choose from and for that today we will 10 bedding styles for a comfortable sleep

1) Cool air percale pillowcase 2 packs

This is the perfect one for hot sleepers because it has a cool-to-touch fabric

* Comes in 2 sizes
* Made with 100% organic cotton
* Comes with two pillowcases and a laundry bag

2) Room service sateen sheet set

Want to feel the hotel’s comfort but don’t want to leave your home then this is the set you need.

* Comes in 6 colors
* Made with 100% pure organic cotton sateen
* The fitted sheet comes with 15 inches deep pocket and a wide elastic band

3) Room service sateen pillowcase 2 pack

Cover your pillow with the softest case and get the comfortable feel you need after a hard day at work

* Comes in 2 sizes
* Comes with fabric that resists wrinkling
* Comes with 60 days of Sweet Dream guarantee

4) Room service sateen duvet cover

This cover comes with ties in each of its corners so that the duvet insert will stay in place.

* Comes with button closures that feature the clear non-PVC plastic buttons
* Comes in 3 sizes
* Comes in 3 colors

5) Room service sateen sham 2 packs

This sham pack is GOTS certified and is made in India in a fair trade factory

* The set comes with 2 x shams
* Comes with an envelope button closure
* Made with 100% pure cotton

6) Favorite tee jersey sheet set

This set will give you the comfort you need and at the same time give you the freedom to move without any stiff feel

* Comes in 6 sizes
* Comes in 5 colors
* The king set comes with king-sized pillowcases

7) Favorite tee jersey duvet cover

This cool cover can make you sleep well at night with its soft fabric

* Comes in 3 colors
* Comes in 5 sizes
* Comes with 60 days of Sweet Dream guarantee

8) Favorite tee jersey pillowcase 2 packs

The pillowcase to land on your head and to get optimal fit it is recommended to pre-wash first

* Comes in 7 colors
* Have a little bit of stretch feature
* Made with 100% pure organic cotton jersey

9) Favorite tee jersey sham 2 packs

Soft like your tee and ready to make sure you sleep peacefully

* The standard sham length is 20 inches length by 26 inches in width
* King sham length is 20 inches long by 36 inches in width

10) Fauvorite tee jersay sham

This comfortable sham is sold as a single unit

* Comes in 2 colors
* Made with 100% organic cotton

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