Top 9 Kiehl’s Facial Oils & Serum

1. Retinol Daily Dose Skin Renewing Serum

First off is this anti-wrinkle serum with potent retinol that instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It nicely firms the skin and renews the texture of your skin to achieve perfect smoothness. Most importantly, it is mild and can be used even on sensitive skin. It is available in 50ml for £57.

2. Retinol Daily Microdose Skin Renewing Serum

This is the micro version of retinol daily dose skin-renewing serum for those still uncertain and simply want to test the product. Just like the first one, it has the same benefits. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and smoothens the skin effectively. This is only available in 30ml.

3. Midnight Recovery and Concentrate Serum

Midnight recovery and concentrate serum will be your new night-time skincare best friend once you know that it is made of 99.4% natural oils. The serum will work hard to restore and recover your skin as you sleep. So, if you have marks or pimple scars on your face, this is a perfect serum!

4. Skin-Strengthening Vital Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Do you have an oversensitive face that always breaks out? It might be because your skin barrier is getting thinner and more exposed to elements that trigger pimples. But don’t worry. Using this skin-strengthening vital serum with hyaluronic acid, you will notice subtle results in just one week.

5. Line-Reducing Powerful Concentrate

Another notable anti-wrinkle and potent serum contain about 13% of Vitamin C, allowing you to have glowy skin every day. It also has some hyaluronic acid that can help to reduce scars and lines. Most importantly, this works even for those with sensitive skin.

6. Hydro-Plumping Concentrate Re-texturizing Serum

You don’t need to use a serum that repairs and restores the cells for those who currently have healthy skin. You need a maintaining serum that will always make your skin plump and hydrated.

7. 100ml Skin-Strengthening Vital Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Indeed, once you see the effectiveness of this serum, you’d buy one in a large size. This skin-strengthening vital serum with hyaluronic acid is packed in 100ml so that you won’t run out of serum for a long time.

8. 75ml Hydro-Plumping Concentrate Re-texturizing Serum

Get a larger dose of your favorite oils & serum when you see its effectiveness.

9. 50ml Midnight Recovery and Concentrate Serum

This is a medium size of your favorite oils & serum that you can buy when you see its effectiveness at night.