A jacket is usually worn by men for protection and style. This becomes better and more stylish if you wear a leather jacket. It is usually made from the tanned hide of animals, making them, very durable. There are many types of leather in the market and we need to know which one to choose. That is why today we will list 7 stylish men’s leather that can be worn by anyone.

1) Tyson leather biker jacket

This classic jacket is finished with minimal metal hardware

* Comes in 6 sizes
* Coes with zip pocket and cuffs
* Made with recycled fabrics

2) Kemble leather bomber jacket

This jacket is made with minimalist detailing and soft leather

* Comes in 5 sizes
* Comes with a zipped side pocket
* The outer is made with 100% sheep leather

3) Rashford suede jacket

This regular fit and the soft yet strong jacket is made with a clean suede

* Comes with a button closure
* It is chrome free
* Comes with two lower side pockets

4) Lark leather jacket

This regular fit jacket comes fully lined and is made in India

* Comes in 7 sizes
* Comes with two zip chest pockets
* The shell is made of 100% goat leather

5) Indi leather biker jacket

This clean and simple look jacket comes with a vintage look.

* Comes with one ticket pocket
* Comes with baked creases on the sleeves
* The lining is made of 100% recycled polyester

6) Survey leather blazer

The simple leather that comes with its own special style

* Comes with a button-up closure
* Comes with two flap pockets
* Comes with leather elbow patches

7) Irwin leather overshirt

This leather comes with metal poppers making it more stylish

* Comes in shacket style
* Made with 100% sheep leather
* Comes with a chest pocket and button closure

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