One of the things that most people do not pay attention to when traveling is travel bags. Travel bags need to be durable, well made, properly compartmented, and need to be easy to carry. For this reason, travel bags get to have a dedicated category in most online shops. What matters is to get the size and model that fits your needs and style.

7. Knox Slim Laptop Bag

If you plan on traveling a lot, you might also bring your laptop along. For this, you need a proper laptop bag that provides protection and has a bit of storage. The Knox slim laptop bag offers both. With a padded interior, a hidden compartment, and a large zippered pocket on the outside, the bag will prove to be the ideal travel companion.

6. Nested Travel Organizer Trio

Keeping your travel bags organized means that you need to have the means to store small and large items. The Nested travel organizer trio is a set of 3 zippered cases that can be used to organize small items inside a larger travel bag such as a trolley.

5. Aleena Soft Zippered Tote

Totes are popular to travel with but regular models do not have a zippered closure. The Aleena soft zippered tote has a secure enclosure, plenty of storage space, and multiple pockets. Being made out of a soft leather material also makes it durable and easy to travel with.

4. Sloan Backpack in Canvas

A backpack should be a must on your travel bags list. You cannot visit places without a means to walk around the city carrying a few essentials. This is why something like the Sloan Backpack in Canvas can be a great travel companion. With a secured zippered closure, multiple pockets, and a laptop compartment, the backpack will prove to be extremely versatile and easy to travel with.

3. XL Train Case

A train case is something that you see very often with people that travel a lot. They are simple bags with a large and easy-to-access compartment, a handle, and a shoulder strap. The XL Train Case from Leatherology is a premium model that is not only durable but also stylish and elegant.

2. Warren Large Brief Bag

Brief bags have the advantage of being able to carry plenty of small items and keep everything properly organized. The Warren large brief bag has a large compartment, several exterior zippered pockets, and a premium leather construction. Leatherology makes the bag in 3 different colors.

1. His & Hers Kessler Duffle Set

Duffel bags are ideal if you travel mostly with clothing. A set of leather duffel bags such as the Kessler set from Leatherology is one of those travel bags that you will no longer be able to live without once you get them. With plenty of storage space and a premium leather construction, the duffel bags will become your favorite travel companion.