Anything that comes all the way down from the waist is called trousers. Meanwhile, the joggers are in the same concept but slightly lightweight and used mainly for sporting events like jogging and running. There are many types of trousers and joggers with different kinds of designs and fabrics. Today we will list 8 of them for you to choose from.

1) Core 5 pocket

This pant is very stretchy and comes with a polished finish for that extra softness and comfort

* It comes in 3 colors
* Comes in 8 sizes
* Made with 58% cotton, 30% modal, 10% polyester and 2% spandex

2) Stars trousers

This trouser in twilight color is extremely soft and comes with star printing all over the pants

* Comes with a non-slip interior silicone strip
* Made with 100% polyester
* It is waterproof and comes with UV protection

3) Straight leg trousers

This is the ideal trouser for the golf course but is also suitable to be worn at the office.

* Comes with tonal grosgrain detail on the waistband
* Comes with 3 inseam options
* Made with 100% polyester

4) Slim leg cord 5 pocket

Go for maximum mobility with this stretchy corduroy fabric that can be used anywhere

* It comes in 2 colors
* Made with 97% cotton and 3% elastane
* Comes with “FORE PLAY” printing inside the fly

5) Slim leg tour 5 pocket

This comfortable trouser has superior breathability and is ultra-lightweight.

* Comes with a modern and slim leg fit
* The trouser comes in 30 inches inseam
* Comes with a tonal G/FORE shank button

6) Fore jogger

Going for a driving range or going for a casual jog, this trouser is a must for every man.

* Comes with knit ribbing at the ankles
* Comes with invisible zippers in the back pockets
* Comes in twilight color and is the graded inseam

7) Flocked logo sweatpants

These cozy and comfortable sweatpants come with skulls and T’s flocked emblem at the back pocket

* Comes with two sides and one back pocket
* Comes with cinched waist and adjustable drawstring
* Made with 85% cotton and 15% polyester

8) Tour 5 pocket

This pant is lightweight and is in a modern fit style for everyday wear.

* It comes in 4 colors
* Comes with 3 inseams options
* Comes with a tonal G/FORE shank button

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