Picking the right perfume can be quite challenging and intimidating. There is no perfume that appeals to everyone but some tend to please more, making them safe to wear. Because there are so many different perfumes, picking the right one for the occasion or for the desired effect is a matter of understanding the notes.

Sweetness Can Be a Turnoff

Almost all perfumes have certain sweet notes. Sweet notes make perfumes more pleasant but they can also make them unappealing when there is too much of it. Overly sweet perfumes are anything but charming. You should avoid perfumes that have dominant fruity notes. Fruity perfumes are overly sweet and are mostly recommended for the colder season. In low temperatures, the sweetness is toned down. Perfumes use sweet noes because most sweet notes last longer.

Balance is Important

A balanced perfume is what you should be looking for. While it may have sweet tones, it must also combine other notes as well. A charming perfume is both sweet, has some floral notes and some notes that are considered harsher. You will notice that musk is a common presence in most perfumes that are considered charming.

One important aspect to mention is that citrus notes are not considered fruity. Citrus has a category on its own and you will notice that it is usually paired with notes such as amber and musk. Because citrus notes are very volatile and do not last long at all, they require something like amber or ambroxide to increase their longevity. In general, a combination of citrus with some woody notes and some floral notes is considered safe. Most perfumes that contain these notes are long-lasting. They are also considered charming and very pleasant.

In conclusion, when looking for a perfume that has a charming effect, you should look at what fragrance notes it contains. If possible, you should also order some samples before getting a full bottle or test the fragrance in a store.