Face nursing for beauty: Want to look beautiful with healthy skin

People are born different physical appearances that are considered more beautiful, some may have dusky skin color, some may have feminine looks. The point of beauty comes inside the heart, even if you are not good looking but if you possess a beautiful heart then you will surely be looked upon as beautiful. With proper care you can maintain your beauty for a long time. Beauty is not just about your face but it includes all parts of your body.

The face parts are the most important part in determining our looks, people with beautiful faces get more attention from others and they are considered attractive. If you also want to look beautiful then you should take care of your face. There are so many ways to maintain your beauty and one of the easiest way is ‘face nursing’ for beauty.

* The five main elements: Water, fire, earth, metal and wood

The skin is made up of water. Hence you should keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. This will improve the health of your skin and your skin will be glowing.

Your body may not have the fire element in abundance, so you should eat lots of foods that are rich in fire elements like ginger, garlic, pepper etc. If you do this then you skin will glow with a nice color. These foods are also good for your health too.

Your body may not have earth elements in abundance. So you should take foods rich in the earth element. The best sources of this are barley, beans , brown rice, grill corn etc. These will keep your skin glowing and improve your health too.

The metal type elements are good for your skin too if present in adequate quantity. You should take lots of green vegetables like bottle gourd, cucumber, peas etc.

The best source of wood element is fresh fruits and vegetables as the vitamin A content in those foods are high and will keep your skin glowing and improve its health too.