Sweater styling

There are three main methods to combine your sweaters – layered, tucked in, and draped. We’ll take a look at each of these below. I personally prefer wearing them layered- it’s casual yet keeps you warm on slightly chilly days, but streetstyle stars have been spotted wearing other styles as well. You can’t go wrong- you just have to find the style that suits your personality best!


To layer sweaters, wear similar or contrasting ones. Here are some examples of how this should look:

Top left: Statement cut out sweater worn over white cami, black jacket. Top right: Striped sweater worn over a buttoned up plaid shirt. Bottom left: Oversized V-neck worn open over a black shirt, black blazer and statement necklace. Bottom right: Collared button down worn over a thin contrasting pullover of the same color.

Tucked In

The tucked in method is almost identical to the layered method, but with a twist. This you should avoid wearing heavy coats- rather opt for blazers or jackets. You’ll have to tuck your sweater into your skirt/pants so it shows, leaving the top of the sweater hanging out of them. And voila!


If you want to give off a boho vibe, this is your go-to style. You’ll be wearing a blouse or shirt over the sweater and let it flow out of it (never do this with a mini skirt). Again, avoid heavy coats and opt for something light like a jacket instead.

The sweater itself should be much bulkier than your blouse (and not form fitting) and you can wear a coat over the whole thing to tie in together.For the best result, you should try to find a transitional piece that can be worn both in spring and autumn.If you choose a cardigan, it should have a collar so you can wear it open as well.