If you do not like the colder season, you need to be properly prepared. Having at least two jackets & vests is mandatory. You want to have one for more formal occasions and one for everyday wear. Fortunately, there is no shortage of choice and finding the right model for your style is just a matter of patience.

8. Men's Icebreaker City Label Cool-Lite™ Merino Travel Trench Coat

For windy and clod days, you want to have a proper trench coat. The Icebreaker City Label trench coat is made from merino wool for the outer layer with an insulating fabric on the inside. Despite being capable of blocking wind and keeping you warm, the coat is lightweight and easy to wear with both formal and casual outfits.

7. Men's MerinoLoft™ Shell Blouson Jacket

Icebreaker makes a wide range of jackets and while some are suitable for the spring and autumn, the MerinoLoft shell jacket is more suitable for the winter. Featuring merino wool insulation and a classic design inspired by bomber jackets, the model is both practical and stylish at the same time.

6. Men's Merino Oak Jacket

For office wear, the Men’s Merino Oak Jacket is a great choice. Made from merino wool with thin but efficient insulation, the jacket can be matched with a wide range of outfits and styles. The jacket has a relaxed fit but follows the natural curves of the body.

5. Men's icebreaker City Label Cool-Lite™ Merino Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets will always be considered popular, especially amongst the ones that like modern streetwear. The Men’s icebreaker City Label bomber jacket is made using premium materials such as merino wool and is available only in a modern velvet color.

4. Men's MerinoLoft™ Helix Vest

If you are in the market for jackets & vests, you will likely enjoy the Men’s MerinoLoft™ Helix Vest. Despite its simple design, the jacket is well made and feels premium. It has merino wool insulation and two zippered pockets.

3. Men's MerinoLoft™ Long Sleeve Zip Jacket

The Men’s MerinoLoft™ Long Sleeve Zip Jacket is great for a chilly spring or autumn day or a mild winter season. It has a lightweight construction with a fleece outer and a heavier mid-layer. The jacket has a relaxed fit, is available in 5 different sizes, and comes in black.

2. Men's Merino Ainsworth Hooded Jacket

With the Men’s Merino Ainsworth Hooded Jacket you will keep yourself warm during the winter and maintain a stylish look. It is made predominantly from merino wool and has a heavy weight to it that makes it feel premium. The Gray and the Sand variants are equally stylish and both feature a proper hood and zippered pockets.

1. Men's MerinoLoft™ Westerly Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover Top

If you are looking for modern jackets & vests, you will love the Men’s MerinoLoft™ Westerly Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover Top. It has a modern design using high-quality materials, proper insulation, and a youthful dark yellow color. The model features two hidden zippered pockets and has no front zipper.