There are many types of brushes on the market to take care of your hair. Each has its significant pros and today we will list 4 of them so that you know which one to use.

1) Boar Bristle

This brush is humanely sourced using the strongest root

* Perfect for adding gloss
* For fine or medium hair

2) Agave Bristle (V)

Made with zero animal ingredients and mimics the classic boar bristle

* Made with the combination of nylon bristle and agave fiber
* For fine or medium hair

3) Boar And Nylon Bristle

Double duty ball tipped bristle that comes in 2 length

* Stimulate the scalp, pull the oil through the strands, and detangle the ends
* For medium or thick hair

4) Tipped-metal Bristle (V)

Flexible enough to remove the strangled knots and at the same time withstand pulling

* Comes in cushily padded wire bristles
* For thick or curly hair

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