Our body has some of the most delicate parts like skin and nails. All this must be taken care of fully so that you can have a better and healthier body. There are many kinds of hand and body creams like nail set, body set, and lotion and we must know which one to choose carefully. Today we will list 9 hands and body creams to make your body healthier and glowing.

1) Seychelles hand and nail gift set

The combination of bergamot, bright orange, fresh coconut, green jasmine, warming amber, and buttery vanilla make this one of the best creams.

* Comes with 2 bottles of 250 ml
* Must be used within 12 months of opening

2) Seychelles body lotion

This lotion will absorb into your skin making it soft ad delicately scented.

* Comes with bergamot, amber, and vanilla
* It is alcohol-free and gluten-free

3) Spa restore luxury hand and body balm

Made with extract of passion flower, argan oil, vitamin E, and cocoa butter.

* Scent notes are geranium, neroli, and eucalyptus
* It is nut-free and a vegetarian product

4) Tuberose & cashmere bath and body set

Bring a sense of luxury in every use to make your skin soft and glowing.

* Scent notes are tuberose, jasmine, and cashmere woods
* Comes from the floral scent family

5) Blanc moisturizing hand cream

Moisturizing sweet almond is blended with shea butter to create this scented hand cream.

* Comes with the combination of pure white geranium and juniper berry
* Comes in 300 ml size

6) Wild mint hand lotion

Contains natural shea butter and sweet almond oil to soften the dry hand.

* The scent notes are peppermint and white tea
* Comes in 500 ml size

7) Spa peppermint intense foot cream

Apply to dry skin to make it moist and nourished all day long with essential oils.

* Made with peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil
* Rich in vitamin E, urea, allantoin, and coconut oil

8) Nourish body balm

Leave your skin moisturized with a silky smooth feel with this body balm.

* Scent notes are oats, bergamot, and amber
* Comes in 200 ml size

9) Luxury hand & foot care set

Gives a relaxing evening ritual for any spa lover.

* Includes 2 x 150 ml, socks and gloves
* 65% cotton, 25% polyester, 10% elastic fiber (socks), and 100% cotton (gloves)

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