The all-in-one trend is back, and it even comes with removable cups. For all you women out there who want to be trendy but don’t want to go all the way take a look at the all-new underwear unit trend.

For all of you wondering why anyone would need removable cups in their undergarments? Well for all those times that you want to go all out and show off a bit of cleavage all you have to do is remove the cups.

For all those times that you just need a little cover, all you have to do is insert the included cups into your all-in-one underwear unit.

Instead of going for two separate units why not try the new all-in-one all underwear unit.

These all-in-one underwear units come with everything you need all in one easy-to-clean fashionable package.

How to select the best unique lady trend underwear:

Of all the different types of ladies’ underwear, a thong is the least popular. Although a few people still wear them, not many women buy them. Most people think that it is just too revealing and uncomfortable for daily wearing. The common complaint about thongs is that they are normally very low-rise and can be seen easily through tight trousers. Since the thong is made of one, thin strip of fabric, it can be very uncomfortable to wear all day long. This is because all the stitching and seams are right under your bottom.

The best underwear for women is French cut menswear briefs or boy’s legs. These types of ladies’ pants have a wider waistband so they sit higher. The leg opening begins at the top of the hips instead of all the way around to just beneath the buttocks. This means that all seams and stitching are well hidden, so thongs can be worn throughout a long day without discomfort.