As the temperature drops and we get more time indoors, our skin needs a little extra care.

Here are some important winter skin care tips to help ensure your complexion stays healthy from now until spring.


One of the most effective ways of taking care of your body is drinking plenty of water every day. The skin often becomes dry in winter, so make sure you keep hydrated with a minimum of eight glasses per day. If possible, use a filter to remove impurities from tap water or invest in a filtration system for your home tap water supply. There’s no need to drink expensive bottled water when filtered tap water can be just as good for you – it will help flush out toxins too.


In cold weather, it’s easy to forget about moisturizing your skin, but dry winter air can cause itching and redness. Protect your skin from the elements by using a moisturizer morning and night after cleansing with a mild cleanser. In addition to protecting skin from the wind and cold, a good moisturizer can also help reduce blemishes caused by dry skin over time. Always apply the product sparingly – if you use too much, then your skin will end up feeling greasy.


Another effective way of preventing breakouts is to cleanse more gently in the winter months. Use warm water for washing as hot water strips away natural oils from your face can lead to irritation or even cause breakouts to spread. Using a pH-balanced cleanser will remove dirt and excess oil to leave your skin feeling fresh without irritating it.


One of the best winter skin care tips is to protect your face from both cold and windy days. Cover up your complexion with a scarf or ski mask covering the tip of the nose, which tends to get red during winter. Applying sunscreen to your face helps keep it looking youthful and healthy, especially when you’re outside for long periods in the sun and snow.

As you can see, taking proper care of yourself doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. A little extra effort every day will help ensure you stay healthy this winter, and many of these tips can be used all year round too. By protecting your body from harsh elements such as strong winds and bright sunlight, you’ll often avoid having problems like dryness, oily skin, blemishes, and redness.