A good wearing style is very important for all of us. In all of our lives, we’ll wear a lot of clothes, all different styles and designs. So, choosing the type that suits you best is no easy task. It’s not only about how it looks but also how comfortable it makes you feel when wearing it all day long.

Here are some tips on all different types of clothes and outfits.

All in one units:

If thinking about all the clothes you’ve got at home, this is probably the type that has all colors and all styles and all sizes. These types of outfits usually consist of many elements like a shirt, pants, shoes… It’s all combined as one piece. They all come with all these different parts and all of them usually match each other. Easiest way to style all in one units is to combine it with a leather belt, all black boots or all white trainers making it easily wearable for everyday life.

Another great benefit from all in ones is their cost efficiency. They are cheaper than separate items because all parts are usually all together. If you get all of the components at different time, all of them would be expensive for sure. This is why all in ones are great all around units that fit almost everyone, all sizes and all shapes.

Separate units:

If thinking about all of clothes you have at home, this type probably has all of the different colors with all of the different designs and all of them are all separated. These types of outfits consist only of separate units like t-shirt, shirt, tights… all these elements are all separate each other. When styling this kind of outfit put on a leather belt to match all your different clothes together. A pair of trainers all black all white all leather all suede all pink, all of these options are all up to you. You can choose any color or design. If every piece would be the same it wouldn’t be this outfit style anymore.