Office supplies and accessories add great value to your work environment. Even if you are working from a home office or in a regular office building, you need to have proper office supplies to optimize your workspace and productivity. Fortunately, office supplies do not have to be boring. You have the option to get office supplies that are well made, elegant, and practical.

7. Leatherology Classic Pencil Cup

The Leatherology classic pencil cup is not your average cup in which you just hold pencils. It is a cup made from a hard plastic material that is covered in leather on the outside and microsuede on the inside. It is available in four different colors and comes in a premium gift box.

6. Leatherology Vertical Lanyard

If you work in an office building, odds are you are wearing an ID badge. Everyone has one around their neck but the regular lanyards are dull and cheaply made. Leatherology created a special lanyard that is made using genuine leather. It has a leather strap and comes with an additional pocket on the back.

5. Leatherology Classic Letter Tray

Working with documents can lead to chaos on your desk. The only solution is to get a classic letter tray. However, you can switch to an upgrade and get the Leatherology classic letter tray. It is covered with genuine leather and is available in four different colors.

4. Leatherology Modern Tissue Box Holder

You rarely think about tissue boxes. If you have an office space of your own, you should have a tissue box holder but you can also get the Leatherology model. It is a leather-covered tissue box. The model is one of those office supplies that simply make your workspace look more elegant and organized.

3. Leatherology Tech Folio

The Leatherology tech folio is an absolute must. It is made using premium leather, available in six different colors. The model has a zippered enclosure with a dedicated space for a tablet. It also has a pen holder, multiple interior pockets, and additional spaces for small items.

2. Leatherology Large Sketchbook

The Leatherology large sketchbook is a great addition that can help you organize your schedule. It is a simple notebook that you can use for sketches and short notes. The model is covered in leather and can be purchased in either black, brown, or navy blue.

1. Leatherology Medium Wrap Journal

The Leatherology medium wrap journal can be a great gift. You can also get one for yourself if you enjoy writing and taking notes while at the office. The model is covered in thick premium leather and features a leather strap. Leatherology made the journal available in four different colors and comes in a premium gift box, making it the ideal choice when it comes to office supplies.