Sex is one of the most important parts of our life and it becomes better when it hits maximum pleasure. The couple who does sex can also use sex toys to get that maximum pleasure needed. There are many types of sex toys on the market that can be used and today we will list the 9 best sex toys for couples.

1) Black Furry Handcuffs

Go for a bondage-style with these cuffs and live your fantasies with an escape-proof tool

* Comes with a key lock
* Comes in a soft faux fur cushion
* Comes with a safety catch on the side

2) Under The Bed Restraints

This user-friendly tool can restraint you but gives a lot of movement possibilities

* Comes with nylon tethers that connect to four snugs
* One pair for ankle and one pair for wrist
* Perfect for beginners

3) Whip Smart Love Lift

A dominant piece that gives total control over your partner

* Comes with two padded cuffs connected to a rubber grip handle
* Cuffs are adjustable
* Can change the position as necessary

4) Ouch! Feather Crop In Red

Use to play in a kinky and erotic way

* Drag all over the body to give the erotic feel
* Made with leather, satin fabric, and feather
* It is about 18 inches long

5) The Original Magic Wand

This vibrator has been voted as one of the top ten most influential gadgets of all time

* Gives 5000 to 6000 vibrations per minute
* Made with ABS plastic
* Comes in white color

6) Pinkcherry Ring Leader Cock Ring

This vibrator will arouse both yourself and your partner

* This is a handsfree design
* Needs LR1130 cell batteries
* Easy to clean

7) Pure Wand

Gives a direct connection to the G spot for an erotic feel

* Comes with a two-point of contact
* Made with steel
* The insertable length is 7 inches

8) Japanese Drip Candles

These drip candles are made for some hot sensation, with some erotic pain

* Comes in 3 colors
* Made by Doc Johnson

9) Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit

If you are a beginner in bondage fantasy then you will need this tool to maximize your experience.

* Comes with 2 pairs of cuff
* Each cuff comes with 44 straps
* Comes with a blindfold

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