women bag is usually made by the skin of cow, goat or pig. The shape is like pouch with two handles attached to it. There are different types of women bag sold in the market, some are big and some are small.

There are also some special bags likes purse which is smaller than women bag .

Women bag sell in various design, material and size. The common design are the one with string attached to it which is used for carrying around the shoulder. The moment you see a women bag , you will know she’s rich woman because only rich people could afford it. Rich woman usually have more than one of these to put all their money in it.

Poor woman can’t afford it because this bag is very expensive. If you see a women bag , please take photo of her for me to know who is she and where does she live so I can tell police later on.If the bags are well designed, it can attract attention of many people. One of the best design is the one with animal head at each side which look very beautiful.

Those who are not so rich usually have fake women bag . Fake women bag ‘s price is much cheaper than genuine one but still cost much more than common men’s bags.

If you see a women bag , please help me by taking picture of her for future use.If you buy the bags , please make photo of receipt too to avoid inconvenience later on.Women bags is usually use by women in office.

The bag has many compartments and pockets so woman can put all their money and credit card in it. It’s very difficult for sneaky robber to steal her money because there are lots of hiding place which only she knows how to open them.