Panties are never worn mainly to be sexy. Panties are basic essentials that should give the highest comfort and confidence to women in their intimate areas. These elegant and luxurious panties will surely define the best feeling as you wear them.

1 Lace Kiss Hi-Leg

A stylish highcut panty that’s best for dynamic women is this fashionable light-fabric laced undergarment. It has a chic design that’s best to wear every day even at the office or date with friends. See the item at this link:

2 Always Composed Hi-Leg

A simple but classic and timeless chic panty design will keep you feeling intact and cozy with this mid-cut panty design that has a snug fit and comfort. See the item at this link:

3 B-Smooth Packaged Hi-Cut Briefs

Feel sexy and comfortable at the same time with a completely smooth and soft panty underneath. Wearing a breathable undergarment is the secret to keeping yourself alert and dynamic at all times. See the item at this link:

4 Well Suited Hi-Leg

A great panty design should be as luxurious as this lace and thin see-through fabric with a sexy fit that keeps you feeling light and airy upon wearing. See the item at this link:

5 Net Effect Hi-Cut

The classic panty has lace and a high-cut design defining an intact and compact feel for every modern lady. Experience the most comfortable panty fitting with this design. ee the item at this link:

6 Innocence Hi-Leg

A cute and sweet panty design that you can wear with any bottom is this timeless chic panty design. See the item at this link:

7 Tailored Finish Hi-Cut

The elegance of this panty design will seem to go a long way. This has a very compact design that fits any body shape and size for all women. It has a breathable garter design too. This is durable and long-lasting. See the item at this link:

8 Awareness Hi-Cut Brief

A low-cut panty will make you feel like it’s barely there. This will totally make you feel so light and airy. Feel loungy all day long as you can wear any bottom outfit with this panty from Wacoal. See the item at this link:

9 The Cleanest of cut

This simple and clean-cut panty is seamless, you can wear it with any thin bottom of your choice. See the item at this link: