Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Being a mother is very exciting but at the same time, we need the right clothing to make sure the mother and baby are both comfortable. There are many types of maternity clothing and we need to know which is the one to choose. Today we will list 6 maternity leggings and shorts for pregnant women.

1) Thigh disguise maternity support shorts

Prevent thigh sharing and help lift your belly and can be used as underwear

* Comes in 4 colors
* Made with Wonderweave materials
* Comes in 4 sizes

2) Maternity bump support leggings

This legging supports you from the waist down and can be worn over or under your belly

* Comes with built-in belly support
* Comes with 4 inseam length
* Can be worn during and after pregnancy

3) Maternity compression tights

These tights not only cover you up but also protect you medically

* Comes with medical-grade compression from toe to thigh
* Prevent swelling, varicose veins, and leg heaviness
* Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex

4) Bump support lite - final sale

Made with lightweight fabric to keep you cool and comfortable

* Comes in black color
* Comes in 4 sizes
* Comes with built-in belly support

5) ActiveSupport power Capri - final sale

Whether you are resting at home or going on hiking this legging will be very suitable

* Comes in 2 colors
* Comes with power mesh under belly support band
* Comes with quick-dry and moisture-wicking material

6) Activesupport essential Capri - final sale

This clothing can be worn anytime whether during pregnancy or after

* Comes in 2 colors and 4 sizes
* Comes in 4 way stretch
* Comes in SPF 50 fabric

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