When we are walking no matter casual walk or exercising, it should have a good and comfortable feel. All this comes down to the cushion inside and outsole that can give the best feel. There are many types of walking shoes on the market and we need to know which one to choose from. Today we will list 6 women’s shoes for comfortable walking.

1) Women's Olympus 4

This flexible and comfortable shoe is the ideal one for any trail as it can withstand any wet and dry conditions

* The weight is 272 grams and comes with a stack height of 33 cm
* The midsole is made with Compression-Molded EVA
* The outsole is made with Vibram MegaGrip

2) Women's Torin 5

Whether you are training for a basic walk or marathon these shoes will keep you secure and comfortable.

* The stack height is 28 mm
* The outsole is made with Footpod technology
* The upper is made with breathable mesh

3) Women's paradigm 6

This one-of-a-kind shoe is made in the collaboration with two-time Olympian Kara Goucher.

* It comes in 5 colors
* The stack height is 30 mm
* Comes with a max cushion

4) Women's Escalante 3

A classic shoe with a modern look that will give you the comfort you need.

* The upper is made with a sock-like engineered kit
* The midsole is made with Alter EGO
* The stack height is 24 mm

5) Women's Rivera 2

Ideal for both beginners and experts, this shoe has a snugger fit but sits naturally on your feet

* It comes in 4 colors
* The weight is 197 grams and comes with a stack height of 26 mm
* The outsole made with FootPod

6) Altra X reigning champ women's Olympus 4

This shoe is made with the help of the coach Ryan Willms

* Comes in navy color
* It comes in 11 sizes
* The stack height is 33 mm and the weight is 272 grams

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